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Dark Mood, Seductive Bathrooms

It wasn’t exactly a dark and scary night, but the bathrooms from Porcher that I’ve been looking at are.

It wasn’t exactly a dark and scary night, but the bathrooms from Porcher that I’ve been looking at are. There was always a feeling that you can learn a lot about the place you visit from a quick glance at their bathroom design.

This is a perfect rule for restaurants, but as you will see the idea transforms to your homes as well.

One thing we have to be sure about is that there have to be a mood in a bathroom, in fact, I love moody bathrooms. Most people have a (which I found to be fairly logical to be honest) fear of having dark bathrooms in their homes. Even those who love to visit them when they are guests in some other dark bathrooms.

One of the things you should consider before making your bathroom dark is makeup (for women that’s a priority), unless you’re going to match the dark atmosphere with a big amount of light and lighting overall. Whether you treat your dark look with paint, wallpaper or a custom faux finish, the result is going to be special for sure, and memorable depending on how good you are in getting the result done.

Dark Mood, Seductive Bathrooms

Sleek and simple, the Ardennes Cast Iron Tub adds elegance to any bathroom. As you can see it is perfectly complemented by the strong lines and angles of the one piece toilet and on the exit we get a nice balanced result. Relaxed and cold feeling of the room will be compensated by warm light and water.

Now let’s move from totally dark bathroom to a still dark feel, but with a fair touch of accented colors.

Dark Mood, Seductive Bathrooms

I am almost certain that creators here were inspired by classic European designs from the 1920, the Archive Collection features sensuous curves, bold sculpted edges, and larger proportions that were characteristic of the times.

The color feel is perfectly balanced between dark mood and solid, warm feel. Touches of contrast color on the window and small details on the stool adds huge details here. Comfortable collection includes both furniture and toilets that enhance the modern bathroom with a sense of elegance and give you somewhat grand feeling.

But what about that big amount of light in the room I mentioned above?

Dark Mood, Seductive Bathrooms

Surprised that you can get this feeling in deep, rich wood tones and contrasting white porcelain? This surely brings elegance to the bathroom. In addition to beautiful looks, this bathroom also provide ample storage space and option.

The smooth, sleek curves of the toilet makes it the perfect compliment to the flowing lines of the bathroom furniture. And as you see this big window with addition of a beige light floor tiles gives a nice feeling for this pretty dark bathroom, dark brown rich wood tones make it look spacious.

Dark Mood, Seductive Bathrooms

Inspired by graceful oval curves this bathroom exhibits a purely simplistic style. With soft flowing lines and rounded edges, the toilet brings a subtle strength and beauty to the bathroom. The elegant beauty of the toilet is echoed in the rounded shapes of the pedestal sink.

Never thought of making your walls in real wood tiles? What about comfortable club chair right next to your stylish sink? This is a perfect example of simplicity and style in it’s best.

Dark Mood, Seductive Bathrooms

Soft curves, balanced proportions, and transitional style make this toilet perfectly suited to a wide range of bathroom designs, from the classic to contemporary. With its simple yet sophisticated shape, toilet effortlessly matches many styles and décor. It is perfectly complemented by the transitionally designed stone basin.

Wood and stone, dark and glow. Another interesting mix that goes well with the added details such as this small area rug right where you will spend most of your time doing that early makeup or adjusting the amount of the hair you have on your face.

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